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Wild Seed Wellness August Hot Box Offers Premium Weed Brands

The August 2023 Hot Box offers premium weed brands and best-in-class cannabis products

Experience the best-value weed box at Wild Seed Wellness dispensary in Marysville, California.

Wild Seed Wellness, the leading dispensary chain in California, continues to delight cannabis enthusiasts with its innovative offerings and exceptional customer experiences. Among its many attractions, the Wild Seed Wellness Monthly Hot Box stands out as an exclusive treasure trove of premium cannabis products.

In August 2023, Wild Seed Wellness presents a limited edition Hot Box that promises to elevate your cannabis journey. The contents of this month's Hot Box let you enjoy a huge value while sampling new products.

The August 2023 Hot Box: A Bounty of Premium Cannabis Products

The August 2023 Hot Box is thoughtfully curated to provide an exciting assortment of premium cannabis products from top-notch brands. Valued at $179, this exceptional collection can be yours for just $89.00—a remarkable opportunity to explore an array of products at a fraction of the cost. The Hot Box is a limited edition offering, available only while supplies last, so it's an opportunity not to be missed.

Brands Giving Back to the Cannabis Community at Wild Seed Wellness place products in the monthly Hot Box to foster a sense of community and give back to loyal guests. Each brand contributing to the August Hot Box shares this commitment, creating a collective effort to enhance the cannabis experience for all.

Let's take a closer look at the brands featured in the August 2023 weed Hot Box:

1. 530 Grower: 5G Pop, A Better-For-You Beverage 530 Grower takes pride in crafting cannabis-infused products that fall in the better-for-you category. Their 5G Pop in Mixed Berry flavor provides a refreshingly light beverage option with 10mg of cannabis-infused goodness per piece. Add in your own fresh fruit or blend it into your favorite smoothie. As a brand, 530 Grower is committed to quality and innovation, making the brand a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts in the Northern California and Central California area seeking a consistently premium cannabis experience.

2. Heavy Hitters: A Northern Lights Cart Heavy Hitters is a name synonymous with top-tier cannabis products. The 1g cart featuring the classic Northern Lights strain is among the brand's best-sellers, celebrated for its smooth delivery and flavorful draw. Heavy Hitters' dedication to quality and potency has made it a preferred choice for those who value an elevated vaping experience. Perfect Union is proud to feature the full line of Heavy Hitters products including their delicious gummies in all of our shops throughout the state.

3. Halfpipe: Ready-to-Roll Blue Dream Flower For those who enjoy the art of rolling and smoking, Halfpipe's 3.5g Ready-to-Roll Blue Dream flower offers an easy and enjoyable experience. No need for a grinder, this pre-ground flower saves you time. Known for their high-quality flower, everyday low prices, and meticulous cultivation practices, Halfpipe ensures that each smoking session is a celebration of the cannabis plant's natural flavors and effects.

4. Level: Cutting-Edge Tablet Pack Launching at Perfect Union this month, Level's Tablet Pack, brings a discreet smoke-free calorie-free way to consume cannabis. With each tablet containing 25mg of cannabis, totaling 75mg in the Level 3-pack, Level introduces a precise and convenient dosing option. As a brand focused on innovation, Level continues to push the boundaries of cannabis consumption.

5. Kanha: CBG Nano Fast Acting Acai Blueberry Gummies Kanha helps you elevate the experiences you love. Known for crafting delicious and effective gummies, Kanha offers the CBG Nano Fast Acting Acai Blueberry gummies in the Hot Box. Infused with CBG and THC, these gummies provide a balanced and enjoyable experience for those seeking the combined effects of both cannabinoids.

Dispensary Shopping Convenience - shop online and pick up in-store:

If you're excited to explore the products featured in the August Hot Box, you'll be pleased to know that you can shop for them online at Wild Seed Wellness user-friendly website allows you to browse the brands' extensive product menus and easily add your favorite items to your cart. With just a few clicks, you can unlock the premium cannabis offerings and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Product Review: Discover the August Hot Box Gems

  1. 530 Grower 5G Pop: A Refreshing Infused Beverage -- The 530 Grower 5G Pop in Mixed Berry flavor offers a refreshing and light cannabis-infused beverage. Each drink containing 10mg of cannabis provides a balanced and enjoyable dose, perfect for a leisurely afternoon or social gathering.

  2. Heavy Hitters 1g Northern Lights Cart: This premium cartridge is a vaping delight. Heavy Hitters' Northern Lights cart is a standout product in the vaping category. With its smooth delivery and rich flavor profile, each draw takes you on a delightful journey through the classic strain's unique characteristics.

  3. Halfpipe 3.5g Ready-to-Roll Blue Dream Flower: A Classic Choice. The Halfpipe Blue Dream flower is a perfect companion for those who enjoy the traditional art of rolling and smoking. Its easy-to-roll nature and consistent quality ensure that every session is filled with blissful moments.

  4. Level Tablet Pack: A Novel Cannabis Experience Level's new Tablet Pack brings precision and convenience to cannabis consumption. With each tablet containing 25mg of cannabis, Level empowers users to explore their ideal dosage with ease.

  5. Kanha CBG Nano Fast Acting Acai Blueberry Gummies: A Flavorful Fusion Kanha's CBG Nano Fast Acting Acai Blueberry gummies are a delectable treat for those seeking the benefits of both CBG and THC. The balanced blend provides a well-rounded experience that delights the senses.

Unleash the Magic of the August Hot Box

The August 2023 Hot Box from Wild Seed Wellness is a true treasure trove of premium cannabis products, offering a diverse range of experiences to suit every cannabis enthusiast's preferences.

With a total value of $179 available at an astonishing price of $89.00, this limited edition Hot Box presents a golden opportunity to elevate your cannabis journey. Each brand contributing to the Hot Box—530 Grower, Heavy Hitters, Halfpipe, Level, and Kanha—brings their unique flair and commitment to quality, ensuring that every product is a testament to the cannabis community's tastes and preferences in California.

As you embark on your cannabis exploration, remember that you can conveniently shop for these products online at, where a world of premium cannabis experiences awaits. Don't miss out on the chance to unlock the magic of the August Hot Box, as it's only available while supplies last.

Experience the best of California's cannabis offerings and discover your perfect cannabis journey with Wild Seed Wellness.

Thank you to the brands that have participated in curating this extraordinary box for August 2023. 5G (530 Grower), Level, Heavy Hitters, Kanha, and Halfpipe Cannabis have all contributed their premium products for your enjoyment.

To secure your own Wild Seed Wellness August Hot Box, mark your calendars for August 1, 2023, when it goes on sale. Remember, this is a limited edition box, and its incredible value means it sells out quickly.

With a retail value of $179, but available for just $89, this hot value weed box is a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts seeking the finest products at an unbeatable price.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to explore the world of premium cannabis with the Wild Seed Wellness Cannabis Dispensary August Hot Box. Elevate your cannabis journey, discover new flavors, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of cannabis. Get ready to experience the perfect collection of quality, value, and community giving with this remarkable monthly value weed box.

*Value is approximate. Available in stores & online. Limited Edition Product. While supplies last. Taxes not included. Management retains all rights. Prices & contents vary by location. Actual items in box may differ from that pictured.

Must be 21+. C10-0000707-LIC



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