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Wave of Weed Deals 2024 Summer Flash Fifty Series at Wild Seed Wellness

Shop the wave of weed deals 2024 Summer Flash Fifty Series at Wild Seed Wellness. Enjoy 50% Off during these surprise sale days and boost your summer fun! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Summer Flash Fifty Series, an exclusive opportunity for you to score premium cannabis products at unbeatable prices. Each flash sale will be a surprise, announced on the day it occurs, so make sure to stay connected with us on Instagram, Discord, via email, and on our website at to get the hottest deals as they drop.

What is the Summer Flash Fifty Series?

The Summer Flash Fifty Series is a wave of surprise flash sales happening throughout the summer, where you can get 50% off on top cannabis brands. These pop-up sales are are an amazing opportunity for our guests to stock up on top brands, favorite products and discover new cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, topicals, extracts, prerolls and more at incredible prices. Each sale will be a one-day only event, featuring a different premium brand. It's our way of giving back to our loyal customers and enhancing your summer with some of the best cannabis California has to offer.

Kickoff Sale: 50% Off Claybourne Co. – June 3, 2024

We're kicking off the series with an extraordinary deal on June 3, 2024. For one day only, enjoy 50% off all Claybourne Co. products. Claybourne Co. is renowned for its top-shelf ultra premium cannabis flower, meticulously grown and expertly crafted in California. Whether you're a fan of their high-potency strains, aromatic buds, or perfectly balanced hybrids, this is a sale you don't want to miss.

Why Choose Claybourne Co.?

Claybourne Co. stands out in the crowded cannabis market--it's "Loud with Lots of Flavor." The brand is known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Their premium cannabis flower is known for its exceptional potency, flavor, and consistency. Each strain is cultivated with care, using sustainable practices to ensure a clean and pure product. From the moment you open a jar of Claybourne Co. flower, you can smell the difference – rich, aromatic, and bursting with terpenes.

Whether you're planning a relaxing weekend at home, a beach outing in Morro Bay, a scenic hike near Shasta Lake, or a fun-filled day in Sacramento, Claybourne Co.'s products are the perfect companion to elevate your summer experiences. And with this incredible 50% off deal, now is the perfect time to try their premium offerings.

Stay Connected for More Amazing Deals

The Flash Fifty Series will feature a variety of top cannabis brands throughout the summer, each offering their products at half price for a limited time. To ensure you don't miss out on any of these exclusive deals, follow us on Instagram, join our Discord community, subscribe to our email list, and check our website regularly.

Here's where you can find us:

  • Instagram: @wild-seed-wellness

  • Discord: Wild Seed Wellness Discord

  • Website:

  • Email: Subscribe on our website for instant notifications, fill out the form on our website

By staying connected, you'll be the first to know about each flash sale, giving you the best chance to grab these fantastic deals before they're gone.

Optimize Your Summer with Wild Seed Wellness

At Wild Seed Wellness, we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best cannabis products at unbeatable prices. Our Summer Flash Fifty Series is designed to help you maximize your enjoyment and relaxation throughout the season. Whether you're stocking up for a backyard barbecue, a trip to Napa, or simply looking to unwind after a long day, our flash sales offer the perfect opportunity to get more for less.

Best Cannabis Deals in California

For those searching for the best cannabis deals in California, including Sacramento, Morro Bay, Turlock, Napa, Marysville, and Shasta Lake, look no further than Perfect Union. Our Summer Flash Fifty Series is your ticket to premium cannabis at unbeatable prices and weed deals in California.

Don't Miss Out on the First Flash Fifty Sale – June 3, 2024!

Head into Wild Seed Wellness today for the kick off June 3, 2024, and get ready to experience the best that Claybourne Co. has to offer at half the price. This is just the beginning of a summer full of incredible deals, so stay tuned and stay connected. Wild Seed Wellness is here to make your summer unforgettable with the finest cannabis products at unbeatable prices. Happy summer, and happy savings!

*Available in stores & online. While supplies last. Taxes not included. Management retains all rights. Must be 21+ Please properly dispose of a cannabis cartridge and an integrated cannabis vaporizer as hazardous waste.



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