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January Hot Box 2024: Must Have Weed Box

Updated: Jan 5

Ring in the New Year with the Wild Seed Wellness January 2024 Hot Box


2024 opens with a bang! The January 2024 Hot Box is the everything you need value weed box. Filled with great products to keep your expectations high this year, Wild Seed Wellness is excited to present the January edition of our monthly weed compilation Hot Box.

Packed to the brim with the best of the best--this carefully curated selection of premium cannabis products, is the everything you need weed box.

Grab a box at Wild Seed Wellness to boost your spirits and hit those January goals.

Available for purchase starting January 1st, this hot box is a limited-time offer, so grab yours while supplies last!

What's Inside: This exclusive weed value box includes a range of top-tier products that cater to all your cannabis desires:

Limited Edition Value Weed Box

Retail value $149.50, FOR ONLY $74.00

CONTAINS:  January 2024 edition contains:

$15 Coupon Good For Use In Store February 2024

1 Gummy (Good Tide 100mg Guava Solventless Hash Rosin)

1 Flower (530 Grower 3.5g Wedding Cake x Gelato)

1 Flower  (Halfpipe 3.5g Slurty)

1 Cartridge (Ember Valley 1g Live Resin)

1 Gummy (Blazy 100mg Boysenberry or Elderberry) 

1 3-Pack Tablets (Level 3 tablets Lights Out Indica) 

Act Fast, Enjoy More: The Wild Seed Wellness January Hot Box is not only an incredible value but also a limited-time offer. Keep your expectations high for 2024 and secure your hot box today, and ensure that your month ahead is filled with the finest cannabis products available.

The Wild Seed Wellness January Hot Box is more than a collection of premium cannabis products – it's an insiders #ifykyk and the best way to treat yourself.

With a retail value that speaks volumes and a price that ensures accessibility, this hot box is the perfect way to elevate the launch of a new year. Don't miss out – grab yours today and savor the ultimate weed value extravaganza from Wild Seed Wellness!

Thank you to our brand partners for participating, giving back to our amazing cannabis community.



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