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Do As Anyanwu Do: Shapeshift

Anyanwu is the protagonist of Octavia Butler's science fiction novel "Wild Seed." She has the profound ability to heal the sick and injured, including herself, by transforming herself into any human or animal form. This shapeshifting ensures her survival and, in fact, makes her immortal. Wild Seed Wellness is motivated by this idea of shapeshifting as a strategy for healing and survival.

Wild Seed Wellness is motivated by this idea of shapeshifting as a strategy for healing and survival.

Wild Seed Wellness' Transformation

Founded in 2011 by Ana María Agüero Jahannes in Oakland, California, Wild Seed Wellness was the first affordable massage therapy practice specifically for queer and trans people of color.

It all started when after working as an educator and social justice organizer, Ana found herself constantly burnt out. How on earth would it be possible to participate in creating radical change in the world if we're running ourselves into the ground? Ana saw massage therapy as an answer to this and made the decision to pursue professional training, get licensed and open up Wild Seed Wellness.

Her gift for healing was informed by years of building self-awareness as an athlete - gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, swimmer, track and fielder - but guided by the idea that the people most affected by systematic oppression were the most in need of help.

Wild Seed Wellness thrived for years in Oakland with sliding scale massage, massage workshops held around the U.S. and healer gatherings. Then, again in the spirit of change, Ana decided to close the doors of the her practice to get back into her body as a dance acrobat. This self-reflection led to a greater understanding of the science

Now, Wild Seed Wellness is an online video subscription service that teaches people the science and the steps of shapeshifting for healing, survival and most importantly for fun through a combination of self-massage, stretching and strengthening.